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World Poetry and Indian Classical Music Festival, Nehru Centre, London

Nehru CentreTwo-day-long world poetry and Indian classical music festival entailed intellectual discussion on world poetry, Indian classical music and Saudha’s world-class concerts which were designed to establish the subtle but strong bond between lyrical poetry and classical music both vocal and instrumental.

A UK based singer Chandra Chakraborty, renowned Tabla player Sanju Sahai, acclaimed Violin player Kamalbir Nandra, young talented Sitarist Dipanjan Guha from India, famous Kathak dancer Jaimini Sahai, emotionally fervent reciters Erik Schelander and Leesa Gazi performed to take audience to a celestial universe.

Chandra Chakraborty- Vocals
Sanju Sahai- Tabla
Kamalbir Nandra- Solo Violin and Ghazal
Dipanjan Guha- Sitar
Nafees Irfan- Ghazals
Dr. Hilal Fareed- Poet

Dr Nandakumar (Director Of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan)- Poet

Ayub Walia- Poet
Erik Schalander, Leesa Gazi - Reciter

Jaymini Sahai- Kathak

Ruma Biswas- Bharat Natyam[backPid]=26&tx_ttnews[calendarYear]=2013&tx_ttnews[calendarMonth]=6&cHash=4935dea644dfab2fa6362cf88b5fbeb3

Venue: On Jun 15, 2013 in Nehru Centre, London


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