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Saudha - The Rebel and The Waste Land at Harrogate Theatre

From Oct 19, 2022 to Oct 19, 2022 in Harrogate theatre, 6 Oxford St, Harrogate HG1 1QF.

Harrogate Theatre, 6 Oxford St, Harrogate HG1 1QF

Wednesday 19 October 2022 at 19:45

Saudha Society of Poetry and Indian music, a leading platform for the promotion of Indian classical and global music and literature is bringing this critically acclaimed and haunting theatrical performance of the two epitomic masterpieces of the 20th century.

This unique theatrical production brings together The Waste Land, by T S Eliot of modern English literature and Bidrohi, by Kazi Nazrul Islam of Bengali literature, as part of the centenary celebration of these two ground-breaking poems through celestial music, spoken-word performance and acting, that, as a whole, explores both earthly and spiritual journey of Eliot and Nazrul in seeking peace after the first world war.

Directed by poet T M Ahmed Kaysher, this live music, acting and spoken-word performance features leading elocutionists, musicians and actors that include John Farndon, Erik Schelander, Shree Ganguli, Manash Chowdhury, Kaniz Fatema Chowdhury, Pablo Khaled (on backstage management) and others.

Saudha’s work has been critically acclaimed by prominent musicologists, musicians and art-critics, specially its ground-breaking production Frida Kahlo through Indian classical music at Royal Albert Hall, Sound of Soul at the SouthBank Centre, Raag Chayanaut through Bach’s Goldberg Variation at the House of Commons as well as the theatre production called Waste Land and The Rebel as part of the centenary celebration of T.S.Eliot’s the Waste land and Kazi Nazrul Islam’s The Rebel.


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Saudha Bangla Music Festival

The unique and the highest-quality festival of Bengali music outside India returning to London for the eighth year that showcases the splendour of Bangla Music and its spectacular periphery through hypnotic performances (with relevant translation) by the best of Britain and guest performers from India and Bangladesh.


The festival, as a whole, features the evolution of Bangla music (evolved approximately at 730 AC) from Charjya-Pod, folk, Kirton, Toppa, Poncho-Kobi (Tagore,D.L Roy, Atul Prasad, Rajanikanto and Nazrul) to Modern Bangla music. The leading singers around the UK from West-Bengal and Bangladeshi origin will exude the treasure and the glorious journey of Bangla music.

Rich Mix, London,  35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA

Sunday 18 Septmber 5pm

The session at Rich Mix, in collaboration with Tower Hamlets Council will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the language movement in Bangladesh through some hypnotic presentations by some finest child-prodigies in the UK.

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Saudha Bangla Music Festival - Rich Mix Tickets, Sun 18 Sep 2022 at 17:00 | Eventbrite


Keats House, 10 Keats Grove, London NW3 2RR

Saturday 5 November at 6pm

Explore the poetic universe of Nightingale at the house of a leading English poet John Keats through his poetry & hypnotic Bengali music.

The session at Keats House will portray the idea of truth, beauty and the universe of birds in poet John Keats through recitation from his poetry and complementing as well as interpretative Bengali music.


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Saudha Bangla Music Festival - Birds in Keats' Poetry & Bengali Music Tickets, Sat 5 Nov 2022 at 18:00 | Eventbrite


Atlee Room, PortCullis House, the House of Commons,1 Victoria Embankment, SW1A 2JR

Thursday 17 November at 6.30pm


World-class presentation of Bengali poetry with Sabastian Bach compositions at the Attlee Room of Portcullis House of the House of Commons.

The session at the Atlee Room features a haunting presentation of Bengali poetry written by poet Ahmed Kaysher and its profound musical interpretation through a selection of Sabastian Bach's composition by a talented Greek-born Western classical violinist Dimitra Ananiadou.


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Saudha Bangla Music Festival - Bach in Bengali at The House of Commons Tickets, Thu 17 Nov 2022 at 18:30 | Eventbrite


Venue: From Sep 16, 2022 to Nov 17, 2022 in Rich Mix, Keats House and the House of Commons

Saudha's director Ahmed Kaysher received "Shera Bangalee" award at UKBC

Saudha's founding director Ahmed Kaysher recieved "Shera Bengali" award at a two-day convention in Stoller Hall Manchester hosted by the UKBC. 

Led by the British Bengalis predomantely from the West Bengal of India, this is arguably the largest crowd of Bengali population/ British Bengali cultural organisations happening annually from the last year (2021). 

The two-day convention featured one of the finest Bengali singers in India at this moment Jayati Chakraborty as well as Anindya Chattarjee of Chandabindu Band, award-winning singer Iman Chakraborty and Poushali Banerjee along with featuring many singers, poets, elocutionists, dancers, theatre activists from all over the UK. 


In a brief reaction, Kaysher thanked the nominee for the award, one of the trustees of UKBC Soma Ghosh and all others in the panel who thought he deserved this accolade.

He said, Indian art was introduced to the West through some phenomenal Bengalis e.g. Rabindranath Tagore, Ravi Shankar and Uday Shankar for an example; now Bengalis need to be merged with a vision, support each other and carry the flag of the great heritage of culture to take it to the next phase. 

Venue: From Aug 28, 2022 to Sep 30, 2022 in Stoller Hall, Manchester