Society of Poetry and Indian Music

Welcome to SAUDHA

Saudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music is dedicated to the study of music and the renovation of techniques constantly in order to create new audience of classical and semi-classical music(mainly Indian) through gluing it up seamlessly with other serious forms of art (e.g poetry, classical dance) that can, as a whole, signify, interpret, intensify and complement the mood and the meaning of each other. The society is in a journey to develop a true Western Gharana (school) of Indian classical music both through unique and connecting world-class performances and importantly, establishing a philosophical framework to conform these new, innovative and more engaging way of performances. It delves into the amalgamation of vocal and instrumental music (both oriental and occidental), lyrical poetry, theatrical glimpses of musically exuberant painting, different form of highly evocative dances and other relevant art forms.