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Saudha-Jibanananda Festival

Sunday 19 February 2023 at 5pm

Rich Mix 35-47 Bethnal Green Road London E1 6LA

Introducing one of the finest poets of 20th century from Bengal through reading, reinterpreting, haunting presentation of music, playlet, film etc.

Poet Jibanananda Das (1899–1954) is widely revered as the finest poet of melancholic nature of Bengal and the most remarkable poet of post-Tagore Bengali literature. "His oeuvre is unremittingly autobiographical, narrating desultory journeys into a vulnerable yet stoic, companionless life".
As part of the celebration of his 124th birthday of the poet, this event renders profound re-interpretation of some of his major works by prominent academicians through insightful talks.

The event is shedding a new light on some of Jibanananda's phenomenal works through reading, presentation of unique music, playlet, translation of his works into other major languages and dance based on his captivating poetry. 

Curated by poet Ahmed Kaysher, the festival brings re-interpretation of major poetic works by Jibanananda Das through talks, spoken-word performances and presentation of his translated works in German, Spanish,Uzbek, Polish, Italian, Oria, Urdu and other major languages by poet and playwright John Farndon, BBC Slum champion poet Dr David Lee Morgan, poet and translator Stephen Watts, poet Amy Neilson Smith, Uzbeck poet Khosiyat Rustamova, Polish poet Alexandra Smerechanska, poet Mona Dash, poet Erik Schelander, poet and fictionist Shree Ganguly, poet Sarwar E Alam, poetTanjina Nur E Siddique, spoken-word artists Poppy Shahnaz, Dr Zaki Rezwana Anwar, Cllr Jasmin Chowdhury, Sanjoy Das, Soma Das, singer and songwriter Samia Malik, Flamenco dancer Mercedes Avila Caballero. 


Indian classical dancers Aritri Kundu, Monidipa Seal, Ishita Sinha, Esha Chakravorty Bhattacharjee will render visual interpretation of the spoken-word performances
Hosted by Saudha in partnership with the Gronthee, RadhaRaman Society and Rich Mix, the event features a few prominent scholars and the finest musicians, spoken-word artists and dancers.

The festival is returning to London for the fourth year, this year.

Free Ticket link:

Saudha - Jibanananda Festival Tickets, Sun 19 Feb 2023 at 17:00 | Eventbrite

Venue: From Feb 19, 2023 to Feb 19, 2023 in Rich Mix, London


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