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Prof Denis Noble says "Who is Denis?". In conversation with Ahmed Kaysher

Prof Denis Noble (Denis Noble - Wikipedia), a celebrated professor of Oxford University and the man "who mapped the heart", rightly dubbed by John Crace (The man who mapped the heart | Academic experts | The Guardian) says " Who is Denis? If you seperate my brain which consists of molecules, protiens and say, this is Denis, is that really me at all?" 

In a profound philosophical conversation with Saudha director poet Ahmed Kaysher, Denis continues "My argument with Richard Dwakins is - man can't be determined just as  the summation of molecules, genes and proteins. This is a process that drives the molecules in rhythms and order."

The world-leading biologist Denis Noble actually brought the idea of humanity and human-emotions into empirical biology. The full interview that covers his interest in early European Music, Trobador, Buddhism and a broad-range of subjects can be watched below: 

Prof Denis Noble in Conversation with Ahmed Kaysher | On Troubadour Vaishnavism Early European Music - YouTube

Prof Denis Noble says "who is Denis?" | Biology & Philosophy | Conversation with Kaysher on Trobador - YouTube

Venue: From Jun 16, 2022 to Jun 29, 2022 in University of Oxford


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