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The Saudha centenary celebration of the Waste Land & Bidrohi

Theatrical performance with live music of the two epitomic masterpieces of 20th century - The Waste Land by T S Elliot & Bidrohi by Kazi Nazrul Islam.
Seven Arts Centre, Leeds on Saturday 2 October 2021 at 6pm & Rich Mix, London on Sunday 14 November 2021 at 6pm. 

This touring event portrays theatrical performance of these two epitomic masterpieces of 20th century - The Waste Land by T S Elliot of English literature and Bidrohi by Kazi Nazrul Islam of Bengali literature.


Directed by T M Ahmed Kaysher, this production combines acting, live music, visual interpreting, theatrical reciting  featuring leading elocutionists, musicians and academics in the UK.

At Seven arts in Leeds, the production features poet John Farndon, poet Becky Cherriman, poet Miles Salter, spoken-word artists Erik Schelander, Shree Ganguly, Ehsan Ahmad Raj, Mohammed Sadif, Kaniz Fatema Chowdhury, Milly Basu, Abhra Bhowmick and then Pablo Khaled on lighting and Pretom Shaha on music.

A poet and a  prominent academician professor Oz hardwick will give a brief talk on the background and legacy of these two poems. 

Having launched at the Seven Arts Centre, Leeds on Saturday 2 October, the production will tour to the Studio of the Rich Mix London on Sunday 14 November, Queen Mary University London (November - date to be confirmed), Attlee Room of the House of the Commons (December - date to be confirmed), Birmingham (December - date to be confirmed), Oxford (January - date to be confirmed), Leeds Beckett University (January - date to be confirmed).

Venue: From Oct 2, 2021 to Dec 30, 2021 in Seven Arts, Leeds | Rich Mix, London and other venues


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