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Melodies From Tagore: Love and Loneliness


An extra ordinary event of #Tagore's (the first Nobel laureate in literature from the East ) mystic melodies that portrays his sacred, serene and spiritual universe and renders a unique post-modern and philosophical redefinition of both #love and #Loneliness.

The evening will showcase a solo recital by a UK based Tagore singer Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed.

A prominent

​#​Schubert and
​#​Troubadour vocalist Eric Schleander, extremely talented saxophonist George Sleightholme and a gifted violinist Alice Baron will accompany Imtiaz while they will blend and offer their own interpretation of Tagore, too, through new musical oeuvre.


The door opens at 6.45pm and ends at 9.30pm

Ticket: £10

For ticket, please follow the link below:


Venue: From Jul 8, 2017 to Jul 8, 2017 in Poplar Union, 2 Cotall Street, E14 6TL London.


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